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We appreciate that you are interested in our services and that you visit our website. Although the information on this site is constantly kept as accurate and current as possible, changes to text, images or other information at any time are reserved on this site. The contents of WWW.EVELINEDERONDE.NL  website cannot be derived in any way.


All (copy) rights to the content of this site, mainly all texts, images, software or information in any other form, to WWW.EVELINEDERONDE.NL and/or its suppliers (above and hereafter referred to as “EVELINE DE RONDE”)


Information on this website, regardless of the form, such as texts, images or software, may not be altered, reproduced, transported or distributed without prior written permission from EVELINE DE RONDE

Virussen and security

EVELINE DE RONDE website is regularly checked for (computer) viruses, but the absence of viruses that may affect the operation of your computer and/or software cannot be guaranteed

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