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Last summer we stayed in France at La Fontane Romy in Normandy. At this beautiful rural retreat, we often heard beautiful piano music coming from the living room near the restaurant. Philippe (the perfect host and fantastic pianist) was playing there while Pedro (a fantastic cook) was busy in the kitchen.

When Philippe stopped playing to help with the service for a moment, I saw my opportunity. I treated the restaurant's visitors to Chopin's first nocturne and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It was greatly appreciated. Philippe, also the owner of this lovely establishment, was very surprised and immediately invited me to give a concert next summer!

The next day, we played some quatre-mains and had a lot of fun playing together. That's when we decided to each play solo first and end with a duet. We are still considering the piece to perform next.

What an inspiring encounter and a beautiful prospect. That is what we call the musical icing on the cake. 

Here's a small impression via this video which a listener sent to me.

(click  on the musical note for sound)

November 17, 2016 Interview  with Midden Delfland "De Schakel"

May 13, 2015 Interview  with RTV Rijnmond in the  program Moois
April 20, 2015 Church concert in the RK-Church of  Maasland
February 10, 2015 Interview with Het Kontakt
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